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Kirsi Maria E. Töronen-Ripatti& Jan Pohribny:

Kirsi Maria E. Töronen-Ripatti& Jan Pohribny: Installation

BRAINWORKS – project room

"Between us and faith, faith in something beyond us, there is often a deep abyss, as deep as it is difficult to get to know ourselves. It is a return to the consecration labyrinth, to the touch of eternal light, which we carry inside us."

Kirsimaria E. Törönen-Ripatti and Jan Pohribný are both fascinated by the brain’s capacity and ability of storing and processing images. In their respective works they analyse the semiotics of this phenomena. Brainworks - project room conjugates ancient symbols and allegories into a joint presentation for TINA B.

Calligraphy, mosaics and Islamic art were an important part of Kirsimaria E. Törönen-Ripatti’s childhood in the Middle-East. A childhood in an environment of foreign symbols has sculpted a firm belief in the power of images.  A picture is never just a picture, void of potential. Omnipotent and present - line, curve, dot, smudge and intaglio marks the present. Drawing is a form of writing just as art is a journey, seldom an answer.

Törönen – Ripatti asks the audience to participate in “deconstructing” the maze of Medina by following the paths of this drawing with their fingers, thus piercing the aura of the “untouchable”, sterile and holy sphere of art.  

The Brainworks labyrinth is a logic link to other creative activities of Jan Pohribny and his deep interest for ancient cultures and sacred ritual places all around the Europe. You can  follow in his footsteps into the center of a labyrinth, which might be a symbolic path through your own brain to the point which you are maybe looking for... After your discovery, there is also the adventurous and demanding way back.